THE FULL 9 ::: A Rock and Alternative Cover Band.

The Full 9 is a Power Trio cover band based out of Morris County, NJ. Founded by three experienced pro-level players, The Full 9 is the antithesis to the laser-light-show, backing-track, dance-pop bands on the scene, playing a diverse mix of guitar-driven dongs spanning 4+ decades. From epic rock anthems, to twangy country singalongs, and even forgotten 90s favorites, The Full 9 has something for everyone - and plenty of tunes that you won't hear anywhere else in the NJ cover scene Three guys who all sing lead, can shred like monsters, and who deploy three-part harmonies like a choir of angels, The Full 9 will leave you scratching your head, wondering how *that* much sound is coming from just *three* (extremely handsome) gentlemen. You can catch The Full 9 playing at Morristown's bars, to the Shore's best venues, and even private parties. So come out to a show. Have some fun, meet some new friends, catch up with some old ones, and listen to some great music.
We're not out to be NJ's next biggest cover band - just your new favorite.
We'll see you soon.

THE FULL 9 :::

DANNY PIERSON :  Vocals/Bass
NICK PIERRO:  Guitar/Vocals
PETE CETINICH:  Drums/Vocals
Danny Pierson - The Full 9
Nick Pierro  - The Full 9
Pete Cetinich  - The Full 9